Plastic vs. Copper Piping?

...are there advantages to the new alternatives?

We get the question a lot with regards to whether or not Plastic is as good as Copper in your plumbing systems.

The reality is that with the constant rise in the cost of Copper, it is very common in new residential homes to have plastics piping.

Some benefits of the Plastic alternative:

  • Plastic is very flexibility and strong, especially at harsher temperatures ranging from below freezing up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It is an ideal piping material for hot and cold water plumbing systems, service lines,  hydronic radiant heating systems, snow melting applications, ice rinks and refrigeration warehouses.
  • It is flexible, making it easy to install and service.  Also generally more cost effective as a result.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals found in common plumbing environments
  • Due to its flexibility, it is oftentimes much quieter than the copper alternative
  • Very freeze- break resistant, therefore less change of explosions or bursts during the cold Canadian months.
  • Little to no corrosion over long periods of time
  • There are fewer joints in a plastic system, therefore easier to install, potentially less chance for leaks and lower installation costs.