How to choose a plumber?

Below are a few key things to take into consideration and look out for:


  1. Qualifications: the plumber that you are considering MUST be licensed.  Plumbers in Canada generally receive their training through a combination of in-class education and on-the-job apprenticeship.
  2. Reputation: referrals generally a good source for plumbers. Ask for references and see a portfolio of work that they have done.  A good plumber will have several references that he’d be happy for you to call.  Ask the referrals about their experience with the plumber. Did the plumber meet the schedule and budget in his quote? Did he clean up after the job was done?
  3. Attitude over the phone and in person plays a key role and should factor it into your decision making process.  A good plumber listens to your questions, concerns, ideas and budget and is able to suggest various options for you to consider.